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Illegal gambling machines crushed!

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On Friday, 04 November 2016, the Mpumalanga Gambling Board (“MGB”) destroyed 45 illegal gambling machines in Mbombela.

These illegal gambling machines, which continued to infiltrate the gambling environment at the expense of legalised gambling operations, were confiscated from illegal operations throughout the Province.

The machines, the majority of which are Chinese roulettes or 50c machines as popularly known to the public, were confiscated following a number of investigations conducted by the MGB. As these machines are not licensed by the MGB, and have not gone through laboratory testing and certification by the standards authority, they cannot be allowed for public use, as they have the potential to cause health risk and to cheat unsuspecting members of the public of their hard earned money.

We appeal to members of the public to stay alert from falling prey to illicit operators, selling illegal gambling machines or offering any form of gambling without a valid gambling licence, which must always be on display at licensed gambling venues.

The illegal operators do not only deceive the public, but also undermine Government’s efforts of balancing the social costs and benefits of gambling through licensing.

The machines destroyed on Friday, were those that had been used as evidence in court cases.

They have no redeeming social value; therefore, they are subject to destruction. The MGB will continue to monitor any location that may be using these illegal devices. If anyone is still in possession of illegal gambling machines out there, they must remove such from public consumption before the arm of the law pounds on them.

Other illegal gambling activities that the public needs to be aware of and refrain from, include gambling on the internet, fahfee (Mo-china) and any betting in areas or venues without a licence.

Report any illegal gambling activities to the MGB.


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