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20 October 2015: The delegation from the Mpumalanga Gambling Board ("MGB") arrived yesterday, from Lima, Peru, where its CEO, Bheki Mlambo was named new President for the International Association of Gaming Regulators ("IAGR").

Mlambo was welcomed with cheers from enthusiastic staff members, who had arranged an exuberant ceremony designed especially for a President who has inspired regulators around the world with a humble and modest diplomacy.

Mlambo was inducted as the new President of the IAGR during the association's conference in Lima. A new Vice-President was also announced to assist Mlambo. Dale Fuga from Canada was announced as Mlambo's right-hand man. Mlambo will lead a 14-member Board of Trustees ("BoT") representing 62 gambling jurisdictions from across the world.

Mlambo expressed his gratitude on the opportunity to serve as President of the Association over the next year and vowed to do his best to make the organisation grow. "I am absolutely humbled and accept the responsibility with utmost humility with the understanding that I've got the backing of the BoT, as well as the general membership to take this organisation forward", said Mlambo.

Mlambo assured delegates that, together with the current Trustees and the Vice-President, they will continue to grow the organization and keep it in good shape for the next generation of leaders. He told delegates that, the new role is a big task and an exciting challenge too – "it is even more intriguing to note that the former presidents are global icons of note, whose shoes would be difficult to fit", said Mlambo.

He invited previous leaders of the Association to avail their wisdom and experience to advance the organisation's mission.

Mlambo did not waste time to share his vision with the delegates. "Going forward, we will ensure that this organisation continues to appeal to the rest of the world, making sure that we get more and more members from every corner of the globe to join, to enable us to be uniform in terms of regulating the gambling industry", said Mlambo.

He vowed to sustain and maximise value from the association's strategic partners such as the North American Gaming Regulators Association ("NAGRA"), Gaming Regulators Africa Forum ("GRAF") and Gaming Regulators European Forum ("GREF"), to reach out as far as possible to the rest of the globe. He extended an invitation to the delegates to attend the African regulators association, GRAF, which is taking place in 2016 in Accra, Ghana.

Board chairperson, Norah Fakude-Nkuna, hailed applauses and said that, "as the MGB, the province, the country and the continent, we are highly honored and humbled by the appointment of our CEO, as President of IAGR".

"The gambling industry in Mpumalanga is young compared to the rest of the world; however, it is with pride that Mpumalanga emerged as a leader to the international gambling fraternity. This affirms the pioneering spirit demonstrated by the MGB and that we are within the world class regulatory compass", said Fakude-Nkuna.

"On the behalf of the Board and the Province we congratulate him and are proud of him" concludes Fakude-Nkuna.


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